Guptas ‘effectively free’ as UAE stalls their extradition.

According to Citizen Newspaper, the brothers will probably never face any charges in SA because Dubai ‘has little interest’ in extraditing them and their cronies.

SAFTU reports that it is by now obvious the government of South Africa has failed to exert sufficient pressure on the countries that harbour the fugitive Gupta brothers to extradite them to face justice. The extradition treaty, long signed by South Africa, is still unratified by the UAE.

It further says, given that Dubai judges have set a 5-year time limit for extradition, the chances of them ever being sent back to answer for state capture and pay back the money is next to nothing. That 5 year time limit lapsed in August.

The Guptas and their lieutenant, Salim Essa, still squander SOE monies and enjoy a lavish life styles in Dubai while workers in many SOEs face retrenchments and are not being paid their full salaries. They apparently travel freely to India, Uzbekistan and Switzerland.

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