ZNFU commends effortd to control influx of Africa migratory Red Locusts

By Chileshe Mwango

The Zambia National Farmer Union –ZNFU- has commended government and other stakeholders for the quick response to control the infestation of the Africa Migratory Red Locusts.

ZNFU Media and Public Relations Manager, Calvin Kaleyi tells Phoenix News in an interview that there is also need for further investigation into areas where locust could be at egg stage so that they are completely eradicated.

Mr. Kaleyi says Zambia like any other country in the southern region cannot afford to be affected by the red locust especially now that it is recovering from the drought that hit the region for three consecutive seasons until the 2019-2020 rain season.

Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and other stakeholders undertook a spraying Programme of all districts infested with the African Migratory Locusts.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization –FAO- an estimated 47,000 hectares is expected to be destroyed by African Migratory Locusts in Zambia with 12 districts so far affected since the outbreak early this year.


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