Sunday Independent Newspaper’s irresponsible reporting on #BushiriEscape is an attempt to embarrass ministers – Phumla Williams

Government Communication and Information System (GCIS) Director-General, Phumla Williams, says the article sought to embarrass Pandor and other ministers.

In a statement, Williams says the publication has no proof to substantiate its claims.

She says if the publication wanted to serve national interest, it should have reported the claims at the nearest police station.

“If this publication wishes to serve the national interest and ensure that justice is seen to be done, like any other citizen who observes a crime being committed, it is obliged to report such information to the nearest police station. In fact, Government encourages all South Africans who are in possession of information about crimes being committed to report that to law enforcement agencies regardless of the status of the person who committed such a crime.”

Williams has urged people to treat news on this matter with caution.

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