RICH Church condemns attacks on Bushiri: warns of anti-success syndrome in Africans



The Revival International Christian House (RICH) has issued a statement that strongly condemns the vilification of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri by some Africans who are, according to the church, wrongly accusing the man of God on unfounded allegations.

The statement issued on Thursday, August 27th, further condemns the syndrome embraced by Africans of hating fellow Africans who are successful, emphasizing, with such acts, that the evil spirit has left the continent in stagnation for centuries.

RICH is a church whose leader is prophet Wakisa Chizaso, and the allegations [leveled against Bushiri] that are similar in nature-and began chasing him from the onset of his ministry, range from rape to money laundering. astonishingly, nobody has ever proved the speculations to be substantive.

Prophet Wakisa Chizaso

According to the statement, which has cited numerous examples of industrious Africans who were, and continue to be prosecuted for merely being successful, describes the behavior as a retrogressive mindset, barbaric and unbecoming of the black race.

“RICH church wishes to, in strongest terms, condemn all attacks staged against the anointed prophet of God, Major 1 Shephered Bushiri. As a church, we are in solidarity with him, his church ECG and as well his entire family. It has been a tough ride and lasts to be a mountaineous trekking towards fulfilling Godly given mandate of universal salvation, but we are with you in prayers. Devil is a liar. He is best at killing, stealing and destruction,” reads part of the statement.

The powerful emotional statement, has as well, highlighted the ceaseless accusations people wage against prophet Shepherd Bushiri, a philanthropic leader of the charismatic ministry of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG).

According to RICH church, it is unfortunate that all the bad publicity is being orchestrated by fellow black people whose minds are clouded with jealousy and retrogression.

“Instead of supporting each other, all we do as Africans is throwing stones at each other. This is uncalled for and sad. Let us embrace the spirit of love and support to each other if we are to progress as continent.” further addresses the statement.

Merging the case, the address has a reference of the brutal killing of musician Lucky Dube who was murdered for merely being successful. In Africa, success is a sin. It evokes the wrath of people and most successful people in Africa lasts to be subjected to bad negative publicity.

“In Malawi, people are now regretting for wrongly accusing the Major 1 on several petty charges. We all know, these are devil incarnations that aim at defeating the spread of the gospel of God.”

Recent media reports in south Africa have been speculating series of unfounded allegations against Prophet Shepherd Bushiri that range from fraud to rape, but, however, irrespective of the strings of such accusations, nobody has paraded substantive evidence to prove themselves.

The fraud accusations which are being paraded in the courts by some South Africans who, unfortunately, are failing to prove their charges stretches further to implicate prophetess Mary Bushiri, wife to the anointed one.

And rape allegations are not strange as a lot of women who, apparently, adore to have been courted by the man of God, uses this back door in pursuit of damaging the image of the philanthropist.

Some of the problems that are dogging the African continent, emanate from curses that generations inherit from forefathers who had attacked men of God, this according to RICH church.

“`Don’t touch my anointed ones! Do my prophets no harm“`(Psalms 105:15).

“There are consequences attached to disobedience to the command and some of the problems we’re facing in Africa are resulting from persecution of the anointed ones,” concludes the release.

By Wasema Jr

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