Prophet Wakisa Chizaso takes miracles to Zambia


Prophet Wakisa Chizaso

Leader of the Revival International Christian House (RICH), prophet Wakisa Chizaso will, from August 24th to 29th be discharging his prophetic duties at foundation Kings Lodge in Chipata, Zambia.

According to the itinerary seen by this publication, the honourable 1 major prophet will be in Zambia by the August 23rd.

Confirming the development, publicist for the man of God, Review Wasema said the prophet will among other things be conducting healing miracles.

“He will be conducting diverse prophetic duties including healing, deliverances and prophesying in the name of the Almighty God,” said Wasema.

“People should bring all documents, be it bidding or certificates because the prophet will be blessing those documents and miracles will be happening,” he added.

The philanthropical prophet who has been discharging similar duties Malawi is scheming on having a global tour after lifting of curfews by countries soon.

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