Prophet Mboro church members meet Bushiri for reconciliation

Members of Prophet Mboro church who were hired to act as victims of Prophet Bushiri went to the Major 1 to seek reconciliation and forgiveness.

Bushiri posted the ideal on his Facebook Page and it reads:

I had a meeting with these men and women whom Prophet Mboro recruited and paraded on social media with the aim of falsely accusing me of having defrauded them. They are familiar faces because you have seen them on social media and also in the newspapers.

These are innocent men and women whom the man of God even sent to burn our church materials in his church for reasons best known to himself.

I thank God that these innocent men and women came to confess on their own and I have no word apart from offering them my deepest forgiveness because they did not know that they are being used.

As a church, we continue to distance ourselves from whatever Prophet Mboro is doing and whatever issues he has against us.

We will continue praying for him so that he understands the gravity of the divisions he is causing to the body of Christ.

This evening, we will share with you the full video of the confessions these men and women have made so that you bear the truth to be self-evident of how far some people can go just to defame another person.

To all our followers, let us continue preaching about love and unity despite all the damage he has caused through all his accusations and accept back these innocent souls he had portrayed as our enemies and victims. They are not – God is love!

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