Philanthropism in Prophet Wakisa Chizaso: commits huge sums of money in school construction

If you plan for one year, plant rice. If you plan for ten years, plant trees. And if you plan for 100 years educate mankind.

A clear saying it is, and, maybe, it is this that what prophet Wakisa Chizaso is acquiring his inspiration from. Oh yes, maybe.

But, not only that alone. Being a spiritually anointed man of God, it is an unarguable fact that he is also, surely, getting his endurance from the scriptures. Yes, no excuses about this.

Well, the anointed prophet of God is seem very much open-minded about balancing up both spiritual and bodily things. Trully, the prophet is indeed aiming at benefiting mankind. A philanthropist he is.

A miss is a good as a mile. Prophet Chizaso is up constructing school blocks at Nkhwali primary school in Nkhata Bay district which is worth millions of kwachas.

The school which was in a very delapilated state, and is dubject for renovation as well, is where Chizaso attained his primary education. Salting the wound, it had no other facilities that are conducive for learning.

Communications Officer for the prophet, Review Wasema, toured the project on Chizaso’s behalf.

He revealed that his church, led by the prophet, had rolled out the project to fix the mess in at the school.

“This happens to be the school that nailed the prophet. It has therefore pleased him to come and reshape it as one way of rendering his appreciation in as far as Godly works are as well happening,” explained Wasema in an interview.

He went on to pledge: “soon we will be rolling out another project that will see schools being constructed within a radius of 2 kilometres apart.”

Group Village Headman Mweza was all smiles and over the moon, and in his remarks, he hailed the prophet for being an epitome of a good alumnus for the school.

“As you have seen, the school is old and was in dilapilated state making it zero conducive for learning. Too, it poised a great threat to our learners here”

“We are very much delighted that the man of God has remembered us with this historical timely project,” the jovial Mweza.

“Please, carry this massage for him and let him know that what he has done is extremely commendable.”

Adding an icing on the cake were also learners and some staff members that inluded the headteacher. They jointly described the gesture by the prophet as godly and priceless.

The school has an enrollment of more than 2 thousand learners.

Until then, It had had only four blocks and learners in lower classes were learning under trees, a situation that hampered their classes during rainy seasons.

And the project which is funded by the charismatic prophet aims at, among others, eradicating early marriages and dropout rates that are orchestrated by lack of modern education facilities in the area.

With the initiative, learning under trees, absenteesm and intermittent lessons during the rainy season will soon be a thing of the past.

A survey conducted in the area established that, out of 100 girls who enrol in standard 1 at the school, only ten finish the primary school cycle.

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